Hydraulic Torque Converter

Creation and Validation of a New Automatic Transmission Model in ADVISOR, August 2000

Hydraulic Torque Converter <htc>

Role of subsystem in vehicle
The hydraulic torque converter is an enclosed pump/turbine pair that transmits torque through the intermediate fluid.  It sits between the engine and the gearbox in vehicles equipped with conventional automatic transmissions, and acts to increase the engine’s output torque, decrease the output speed, and also dampen vibrations.  In the ADVISOR vehicle model, the torque converter accepts torque and speed requests from the gearbox, makes requests of the engine, accepts actual torque and speed from the engine, (transforms them) and transmits torque and speed to the gearbox.

Description of modeling approach
See the new description here.

Variables used in subsystem
In the above description of the (positive) driving torque situation, the relationship between SR and K is defined by the vectors htc_sr and htc_k.  The analogous vector for TR is htc_tr.

See Appendix A.2: Input Variables
See Appendix A.3: Output Variables

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